Welcome to the Muriwai World-wide search engine resources page . The links we have provided below are in our opinion the most useful and relevant links to search engine and directory sites for international and specialist searches . To find anything online, you need a good search tool. But with so many search sites out there, it's hard to know which one to choose . For example, it's tough to decide when to use a portal (a site, such as Yahoo, that offers both a search engine and a list of links) vs. a straight search engine. To help you decide, we have included links to many of the best as voted and reviewed by C-net . Please click on the button to the left of the link .
Yahoo Yahoo : The world's most popular portal is easy to use, intuitive, and customisable. It offers tons of links to news, stock quotes, and shopping , as well as free e-mail, fax, and an instant messenger service. Plus, we love the site's clean design, access to copious information, and extras such as My Yahoo, a news page you can customise to deliver only the information you need . As well as the most comprehensive directory listing available Yahoo uses the inktomi search engine as its secondary source .
Microsoft Network (MSN) Microsoft Network (MSN) : MSN gets tons of traffic because it's Internet Explorer's default start page. Fortunately, Microsoft's portal is up to the challenge. In our tests, MSN's proprietary search engine returned a greater number of relevant, nonredundant links than most of its competitors (including Yahoo). In addition, the results page lets you save specific matches to revisit later. Nifty. But the site does suffer from a common affliction: too much content on one page and small type make it difficult to read. We recommend you use MSN primarily for its search capabilities and stick to Yahoo for a straightforward portal.
google Google : A pure, unadulterated search engine; returns the most relevant search results with the fewest broken links. Ask Web power users, and they'll tell you that Google is the best search engine, bar none. This unassuming, bare-bones engine returns accurate search results at lightning speed. In our tests, Google scored the highest relevancy rating and returned the lowest number of broken links of all the sites we tested. Even better, we love Google's cache function. When Google scours the Web to index sites, it automatically saves a copy of each page it finds. So, if a link you need no longer exists on the Web, simply click Show Matches, and Google will show you the last saved version of the page. Very cool.
With all the search sites at your disposal, it's easy to waste time jumping from one to another to find what you're looking for Metasearch tools save you the trouble. They submit your queries to multiple sites at the same time, culling and sorting the results as efficiently as they can.
Metacrawler Metacrawler :To dig up information from every Web nook and cranny, try MetaCrawler. Because MetaCrawler submits your query to 12 of the best search engines on the Web (including Direct Hit, AltaVista, Infoseek, WebCrawler, and Excite), each search can potentially turn up thousands of results per site. Plus, MetaCrawler returns matches lightning fast.
Ask Jeeves Ask Jeeves : Ask Jeeves is one of the most popular metasearchers on the Web, and also one of the most user-friendly because it organises your search results according to topic, source, and relevancy (among other criteria). We're impressed by Ask Jeeves's thorough searches its friendly interface and comprehensive searches, we think Ask Jeeves is a handy resource for Web novices.
Search.com Search.com : Yes C-nets Search.com is the nets most powerful meta search engine as it utilises over 700 different search resources to ensure you get the results you need . A clean simple layout and the use of channels for specialised meta searching complete the package .
These websites are frequently (especially warez sites) funded by advertising from sites containing ADULT CONTENT and are not recommended for persons under 18 years of age Please ensure that you check out these sites before allowing any minors to view them . Also Disaster Recovery Ltd can accept no liability for any of the content or software that may be made available on these sites . Remember it is illegal to use pirated software so if you do try out some products found from these links ensure that once you are satisfied it is the right solution for you that you purchase a licensed copy and register it . Most software is available from Disaster Recovery ltd , use the link on the banner below to access their website .
Warez.com Warez.com : A page of links to Warez sites including a specialised warez search engine . Although we don't condone the use of unregistered software to can be handy to trial a program or programs before deciding on which one to purchase . Remember software piracy is illegal so ensue that once you have determined the right choice for you please purchase the software you decide on . This site does have some popups .
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