Welcome to the Muriwai Free Web Based Training Links page . The links we have provided below are in our opinion the most useful and relevant links to free computer based training sites . As these are only links we can accept no responsibility for the content of these sites . However they are resources which we have found most helpful to ourselves and we hope you find them just as useful . You will also find links to many other great sites from these pages . Please click on the button to the left of the link .
Life Long Learning on the World Wide Web
Life Long Learning on the World Wide Web : This invaluble multipleaward winning N.Z. site provides self study courses in a large range of Information Technology subjects including Data communications , Hardware introduction , Excel 2000 , Internet and WWW , Internet management , Networking , MS-Dos , Operating systems , Windows 9? , Word 2000 , Visual basic , HTML , Powerpoint and many more . There is something here for everyone from the novice user to the seasoned professional . Currently hosted by the Central Institute of Technology .
Learn the Net
Learn the Net : Learn the Net.com's website went online in April, 1996. Since its launch , thousands of businesses, Internet service providers, schools, libraries, and community organizations from around the world have linked to the site as a way of providing comprehensive, user-friendly Internet training. Yahoo!Internet Life has ranked Learn the Net among the Top 100 Sites in 1999 and 2000. This site is a must for all who are new to the world Wide Web .
Free Skills :This site currently hosts over 250 full online training courses - Over 35,000 pages of professionally developed, high quality content pages. Courses include Web Development , Microsoft products , Unix , Lotus , Corel , Novell , Mac , Desktop publishing and many more .
Free skills
Deep Space Web : An excellent resource for Adobe Photoshop Tutorials and other Photoshop resources including tips , plugins , brushes and actions . Something here for users of all skill levels .
Deep Space Web
Designs By Mark
Designs by Mark :Tutorials , Tips , Tricks and freebies for Photoshop , Illustrator , Flash and general hints and tips for Web design . Again there is something here for begginers through to seasoned professionals .
Phong Phong : Advanced tutorials for Photoshop , POV Ray and 3D studio Max .These amazing tutorials will assist you in becoming one with the pixel. Previous experience in the respective programs is assumed, since these tutorials are not for complete beginners. All of the tutorials provide easy step-by-step instructions for a convenient hands on experience.
Eyeball Design : A beautifully crafted website specializing in interface and website graphics but the tutorials lend themselves to all manner of techniques for the Photoshop enthusiast . This site is worth a look just to see what a good website can look like .
Eyeball design
The Art of Business Website Promotion
The Art of Business Website Promotion : Pretty well self explanatory from the title . This site again is a must for new players and existing web masters with all you need to know to get your site to the top of the rankings for search engines . Also many other ways to promote your site and increase traffic .
Tutorial Search : Well I couldn't make up my mind whether to put this site here or under the search category so here it is and here it stays . For any tutorials you can't find from the above links use this service to locate the one you are searching for . Good luck .
Tutorial Search
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