Welcome to the Children's Internet Resources page . The links we have provided below are in our opinion the most useful and relevant links to Kids sites available . As these are only links we can accept no responsibility for the content of these sites . However they are resources which we have found most helpful to ourselves and we believe them to be suitable for kids of all ages . You will also find links to many other great sites from these pages . Please click on the button to the left of the link .
The New Zealand Internet Safety Kit The New Zealand Internet safety kit : THE FIRST STOP FOR ANY PARENT , TEACHER OR CHILD to ensure that you are fully informed about the necessity and availability of the tools required to ensure that the children in your care and you the child have a safe and suitable voyage on the World wide Web . Endorsed by the Department of Internal Affairs .
Learning Network : An American site for k12 grade students but none the less this is still a great resource for Students , Parents and Teachers alike . Explore an extensive collection of tools, activities and resources .
Learning Network
ABC Toon centre "Family Fun Park" ABC Toon Centre "Family Adventure Park" : This easy-to-navigate site has over 400 illustrations and has welcomed over 200,000 visitors in the 3 years it has been up and running. Jack's Toon Centre stories have a subtle moral and they always stress friendship. His games are the simple ones of childhood but with a new and interactive twist. All are colourful and easy for little fingers to play. We at the ABC Toon Centre sincerely hope that you are enjoying Jack and Bonnie's young friends.
Auckland City Libraries Auckland City Libraries : Yes the Auckland City Libraries are online and have a great Kids and Teens page . Also many other useful links and information for Kids and adults alike . Be sure to read the disclaimer before embarking on your journey . Keep the net Kid Safe .
amusement Park Physics Amusement Park Physics : Another neat American site that allows you to enjoy a Physics lesson whilst designing and simulating your own rollercoaster ride . How do physics laws affect amusement park ride design? In this exhibit, you'll have a chance to find out by designing your own roller coaster. Plan it carefully--it has to pass a safety inspection.You can also experiment with bumper car collisions.
Antboys Bugworld Antboys Bugworld : I will let the authors of this site speak for themselves . This Web-Site was created for our 6 year old son Jeffrey (now 9), who we affectionately call "Ant-Boy" during the warmer months (we still call him that). He got this nick-name because of his love of ants, and during the summer months, Ant-Boy can be seen playing with all the ants in the neighbourhood. He lets them crawl on his arms and also collects them. We hope the following pages will be enjoyable for children around the world.
How Stuff Works How Stuff Works : HowStuffWorks.com is an amazing, award-winning online destination for anyone who wants to know how anything works! Originally started by Marshall Brain as an entertaining and fascinating place for people to learn about the world we live in, the site has grown to be one of the top 500 Web sites in the United States.
Tecnological Innovations In New Zealand Technological innovations in New Zealand : The ultimate home work resource for the history of technology from New Zealand . From economic to high technology this site showcases New Zealand's contribution to the worlds technology pool .
Your dictionary Your Dictionary : Just about every dictionary and thesaurus resource you could hope to find . Based on the Websters dictionary and available in over 200 languages . Multilingual dictionaries , translation services , language identifiers and even a downloadable button for your browser to allow you to look up any word at any time . Very useful site .
Kids space Kid Space :Kids' Space was created to foster literacy, artistic expression, and cross-cultural understanding among the world's children. They aim to: Encourage artistic expression utilising a variety of mediums (art, writing, music). Engage children's minds and curiosity, stimulating learning through self-discovery. Break down cultural, religious, ethnic and racial barriers between children of the world by promoting cross-cultural collaboration in creative projects. Provide a forum for electronic communication between children. Demystify the Internet experience for children through clear organisation and child focused education in computers and networks. Provide a friendly, safe, adult-monitored digital environment for children. Provide parents and children with an alternative to advertising based commercial web sites. Another great resource .
Neo Pets Neo Pets :This unique, free service lets you design your online virtual pet. Once you've created a virtual pet here, you can participate in a variety of activities with them: play games, chat and win prizes.
Online Games Online Games :A page of links to 30 kid friendly online shockwave interactive games . There will be more games links from the fun page of the Muriwai site .
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